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The world is three dimensional. Shouldn't your architect think in 3D?

architect Hakki was founded to answer this question.  As we design, we design everything in 3D using Revit, a BIM software.  That's Building Information Modeling with an emphasis on information!

While we are designing the building or space, we establish a 3D model with the building elements, including floors, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures and structural elements.  This allows for the coordination of the design before it is built.

A byproduct of modeling your building is the ability to see it before it is built.

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what we do.

Starting the Project:

Let's talk.  We want to understand what your goals and needs are.  We'll document the goals into a proposal that will guide us through the process.

Document existing:

Let's gather info about the location for your project.  This may be an existing building or it could be the site where it's located.


This is the fun part.  We'll develop a design that reflects your needs, then listen to your reaction.  Through an iterative process we hone the design to your needs.


The final step is to develop drawings that can be used for permits and construction.

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